Our History


In The Beginning of 1910 Honeyrose Products Ltd was born with a vision of creating tobacco and tobacco alternative smoking products using simple and all natural ingredient. Honeyrose was one of the first herbal cigarette manufacturers in the world. Till today we have been manufacturing high quality products that are produced under the strictest regulations so you can be sure any batch will always be safe and taste great! Our dedication to quality and constant pursuit of betterment through innovation has allowed Honeyrose its longevity throughout history.


In 1960 David Watkins, a master blender for Honeyrose Products Ltd., came upon herbal cigarettes in his local herbalist’s shop. He tried the product and found it to be harsh. For 3 years he tested various plants until finally striking gold: a simple proprietary mixture of three different herbs - marshmallow plant, red clover flowers and rose petals. This ingenious mixture together with the addition of fruit juices and honey creates a perfect match which has been keeping people satisfied and happy since it was first introduced! HONEYROSE was born from a commitment to make cigarettes without tobacco, nicotine, and additives. The brand’s simple, natural ingredients reflect our company's dedication for manufacturing only from non-tobacco sources and it has been doing so since its inception in 1963!

2000 | Still Manufacturing In UK

Traditional manufacturing methods continue to this day at our current manufacturing facility in Ipswich, Suffolk. Here we produce our high quality products that will always have an authentic taste since it’s all made from scratch! With a recipe that has been passed down for generations, Honeyrose herbal cigarettes begins life as bales of herbs which are broken down and processed thoroughly. Then the petals are cut with special equipment to improve handling properties before they're matured in honey and fruit juices depending on what flavor you want! Lastly, the mixture is treated by drying on metal trays in specialized ovens. The herbal mixture is now ready to be wrapped, rolled and cut up as cigarettes, or packed as loose mixture in pouches ready for shipping and distribution!

2005 | Joins Fight 'STOP SMOKING'

When it comes to quitting smoking, Honeyrose has the best herbal products. We manufacture tobacco, nicotine, & additive free herbal cigarettes that actually help people kick their habits by fighting hand-to mouth fixations associated with real cigs, and has helped thousands of people to quit smoking. In 2005 we introduced our special "Quit Smoking Plan" which allows you to slowly remove nicotine from your body and become addiction free. Many companies since have adopted this plan as a way of helping their customers stop smoking for good.

2010 | More Flavors & Packaging

New Flavors and Packaging Product development is often a response to demand from customers in different countries. Honeyrose CLOVE was initiated and developed based on demand from Australian market as a substitute for Clove cigarettes. At the same time we expanded our flavors to include Strawberry, Cherry, & Chocolate. Also we changed our traditional slide and shell packs to more common flip-top packs, which are smaller and more convenient to carry around and easier for retailers to display them in their stores.

2012 | Expansion in Films & Theatres

In early 2000’s film and theater production companies start using Honeyrose herbal cigarettes & by 2015 Honeyrose becomes the preferred and requested choice by actors and actresses. We are proud to offer our customers the best products for their needs. In 2015 we introduced Honeyrose White line specifically designed with film industry professionals in mind, and later that same year after many prop-masters requested it, Filterless cigarettes came out as a great option for period pieces or any movie set where authenticity is key! Same year our herbal cigars also made their debut - instantly becoming another favorite among movie makers all around world.


The secret to Honeyrose's success is in our commitment for innovation & high standards of quality. After 110 years, we have proven that what makes us unique doesn't change-our dedication towards serving customers with care while listening closely to their feedback or when improvements need to be made.

Honeyrose herbal cigarettes offer smokers an easy way of quitting smoking without having any negative side effects. With their popularity continuing its rise we see yet another example how time-honored practices such herbalism will always find ways around our ever increasing pace throughout society today; proving just what happens when man doesn't interfere with nature.

2022 | Honeyrose CBD USA Rises From Mother Nature!

The CBD industry is booming and benefits of CBD products are widely acknowledged. After careful study of the product and its benefits Honeyrose USA decided to invest its vast expertise into developing our own CBD Product Line. We have put our 110 years of experience in manufacturing with todays cutting edge technologies to create a CBD product that adheres to our high standards. With Honeyrose CBD USA's new line of products to help with this goal in mind they have created Softgels and CBD Gummies which are made from Organic USA Hemp Derived and FDA Registered sources and offer 5 different CBD Products: CBD SOFTGELS, CBD VEGAN GUMMIES, CBD ROLL- ON GEL WITH INTESNSE COOLING RELIEF, CBD SLEEP SUPPORT GUMMIES, AND CBD OIL TINCTURES!

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