Our CBD Process

The Honeyrose USA Process Is Committed To Providing The Best CBD Products In The Market To Help Relieve Pain, Reduce Anxiety, & Help With Sleep.

CBD Made With The Utmost Care

Our CBD products are made with the finest ingredients and undergo extensive testing to ensure quality and potency. As a result, our unique extraction process results in the purest CBD oil possible. We do this because at Honeyrose USA nothing matters more than ensuring quality customer satisfaction with high standards everyone can trust!

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CBD Oil Testing

All tests are done before, during and after production to ensure you’re getting what we promise: safe effective CBD for your health needs. Our standards exceed those required by law so customers can feel confident in our product offerings that come with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Partnering With The Best FDA Registered Facilities For CBD

Our products are 100% organic, made & tested at USA FDA Registered Facilities to ensure their purity, potency, & safety - just what we promise mother nature's finest CBD ingredients. Our lab tests ensure our products will give you the intended benefits without all of those nasty side effects and unethical processes that exist in the market today. So there’s no chance they could ever mess up this complex CBD process by accident!

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